The Soroca Fortress of Moldova

The Soroca Fortress of Moldova is a historical tourist attraction of the country. This fortress is situated in the middle of the town at a distance of one hundred and sixty kilometers from Chisinau. The Soroca Fortress at Moldova formed a major part of the country’s defense system during the medieval period. This fortress is situated on the right hand side of the banks of the river Dniester. Under the rule of Stephen the Great a wooden fortress was constructed on an earthen bank and within the years 1543 to 1546 this fortress was reconstructed with stones. Built in the form of a circumference, the fortress has a diameter of 30.5 meter. The thickness of the main bull work that surrounds the fortress is 3.5 meter and the height ranges from 17 to 20 meter.

The internal part of the Soroca fortress in Moldova is divided into three levels. The first level houses numerous inlet burrows of the bastion and stores, whereas the second level guards the store. The third level paves the path for the guards towards the walls. Again, the principal tower has two levels. The first level was the entry point. The top level was developed into a chapel, which had two parts, namely apse and naos. This was embraced with a vault, which was embellished with frescoes.

The architecture of this fortress resembles a huge tower holding five smaller towers surrounding it. Surrounding the huge tower the other four towers, which have an average height of twenty-four meter, are placed at equal distance. One of the towers is rectangular in shape. The tower citadels have numerous levels. The first and the second levels is meant for placing the cannons, the parterre for placing the deposits and the last level is where the bowman and the protectors of the fortress reside. Around the huge tower there is a wooden gallery, which has been utilized for the habitation and communication of the protectors of the fortress.

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