Rudi Monastery is situated on the bank at a distance of 15 km from the town Otaci. It is a nunnery.

In 1777, with the blessing of Bishop Inochentie of Husi (1752-1782), brothers on the estate of Teodor and Andronachi relatives and with financial support is Donciul from Movilau merchant (Podolia) was built a stone church dedicated to Holy Trinity, in Moldovan style.
Rudi left the hermitage church was closed in 1846 by decision of the diocesan authorities and was given supervision of the parish of Lower Rudi village. Over time, the monastic complex was abandoned. Houses collapsed and were destroyed, leaving only the foundations of their testimony, a stone arch, where the gate was the hermitage, and the church completely uncovered.
Rudi Monastery resume work on 24 October 1921, Archimandrite by striving Visarion Puiu, its restoration was approved. Monastery of Holy Trinity, Rudi During the Second World War the monastery was governed by the Abbot Ioachim Barbus, under which the hearing were 30 monks.
In 1948 Chisinau Archpriest Benedict was forced to Soviet the close a Rudi monastery. Holy tabernacle wealth was confiscated, and the monks fled to other monasteries. After it was installed in the convent orphanage, and later became a monastic complex psychiatry hospital for children with a school. Holy Trinity Church was used as a warehouse. The hospital was evacuated in 1990 and until 1992 remained wilderness monastery.
In 1992, the monastery Rudi came and sat down three monks:
priest Melchisedec and two monks from Romania. In 1993 began the reconstruction of the monastery.
In 1994 they began restoration of the summer church the Holy Trinity.

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