Monastery of Tipova

Tipova Monastery is one of the most beautiful in Moldova. It is located above and comprises three monastic complex carved into the rock. The first set consists of several huts and a church dedicated to Holy Cross and dates from XI-XII centuries. St. Nicholas Church was the center of the second monastery complex, erected in the fourteenth century and the third-most complex cluster of cells surrounding the Assumption Church, dating from the XVI-XVIII.
At the beginning of sec. nineteenth-century ago still function in this ensemble as a hermitage, and is abolished in 1842. In 1828, the hill above the cave complex was built hermitage church, which restored monastery in 1919. Until then, the hermitage monastery was under the administration Saharna. In the Soviet period, all monks are scattered on the hill and the buildings are taken from the kolkhoz. The church is transformed into a tobacco warehouse. Raids are held chain, and the cells are destroyed in the rock. In 1988 cells are restored and converted into a museum of antiquities.
In 1990, the Moldovan Journalists Union support, began restoration of the monastery. In 1994 the monastery is reopened. The two cells and restores the Assumption church on the rock (dating from 1912).
Te beauty of these places attracts many tourists. The tissue around the monastery were many legends, one of them being in this place Binecrediciosului wedding Stefan cel Mare and Maria Voichita. Due to the length of the complex, another legend says that Orpheus and would have grave in a cave. In 1988, restaurateurs have revealed several inscriptions, cave dated before Christ, allegedly belonged to a Thracian civilization on the Dniester. Today the cave complex is in full recovery, although the funds are insufficient.

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