Monastery of the ” Nativity of the Mother of God “Curchi.

Curchi Monastery is a monastery in Moldova, one of the most important architectural monuments of Bessarabia(R.Moldova). It is situated in the woods from Orhei city on the village Curchi. As an architectural ensemble was founded in the XVIII – XIX.
. It is composed of five churches, two buildings with cells, abbeys, several auxiliary rooms orchard, a hermitage with xenodochium Convent located at 500m and a stone basin. Church of the “Nativity of the Mother of God” built in 1775 by Iordache Curchi is an example of Neobyzantine style, and the church of St. Nicholas (1808 – 1810) is built in baroque style with elements of classicism. All assembly is surrounded by a high stone wall. In the Soviet period the monastery was transformed into a psychiatric hospital.
Following advertising ,conducted by the Public Company “Teleradio Moldova” in 2006, began renovating Curchi Monastery. Status before the monastery, but also about the restoration process, several films were made. Some of them are signed by Iulian Proca, moderator advertising held by “Teleradio Moldova” 1 March 2006. All buildings of the monastery which were damaged have been restored to normal and working today to finalize the last buildings to be in service by 2010.
Dwelling Monastery territory about 30 monks, but the number grows every day. Abbot of the Monastery Archimandrite Siluan is, Exarh of the monasteries in Moldova.

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