Monastery of Suruceni

Suruceni Monastery is a monastery of nuns in Moldova. Initially there was a small hermitage, founded by the monk Joseph, Cassian Suruceanu supported materially by the baker. Baker had given place to build the first draft and has funded summer wooden churches dedicated to St. George (1794) rebuilt in stone in 1828. Founder’s grandson, Theodore Suruceanu, rebuilt in 1882 during his grandfather’s house built. One of the abbots of the monastery, which was followed by Joseph, Erhan named Dionysius, built in the years 1903-1904 around the stone enclosure of the monastery, then built the new refectory with kitchen related, the ten rooms for the monks and cellars stone for wine storage. Winter church dedicated to St. Nicholas was built in 1860, when the abbot was Anatole. The monastery was closed in 1959. Here was founded a hospital for skin diseases and venereal diseases. Reopening the monastery took place in 1991

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