Monastery of Saharna “Holy Trinity”

Saharna monastery, the whole ensemble, is one of the oldest monasteries of the Orthodox Church in Moldova Rezina town,(100km fromChisinau). Monastic ensemble is composed of two monasteries: one rock (Annunciation) and other land (Holy Trinity).
Historic core of the old hermitage monastery was the cave of Saharna “the rock monastery of Saharna, dating, possibly centuries. XV. The fact that the village “Saharna” is mentioned in 1495, presents the hermitage to date.
At a distance of 200 meters at hermitages are present church, dedicated to the “Holy Trinity”. By 1818, when the abbot Paisie was begun a building summer church and a stone bell tower. The works were completed in 1821, during Tarasie abbot and has been conferred the “Holy Trinity” by Bishop Veniamin of Moldova. In 1837, during the abbot Onisifor iconostasis was renovated and has built a building for the brothers.In 1863, the abbot Serafim was built during the winter church dedicated to” Assumtion a Holy Mother of God ” In 1900, when the abbot Iosif, was built outside the courtyard, a stone houses for mill and warehouse, and in 1911, under the direction of abbot hieromonk Inochentie, was built, bread stores and some cells for the monks. Inside the monastery’s founder is buried Apostolopulos N.C. landlord agricultural school in the village Saharna , who died in 1907. On the territory of the monastery had existed in the past 22 waterfall.
Although the monastery was rich, in the ’50s, it was closed by Soviet authorities in 1964. The monastery was held to a psychiatric hospital, and the ruin. The monastery was reopened in 1991. All church buildings have since been repaired.

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