Monastery of Noul Neamt

Noul Neamt Monastery was founded at the time of ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Several monks from the Neamt monastery headed by the spiritual father,Andronic Popovici,disagreeing with the secularization of the monasteries and prohibiting religious services in the old Slavonic language Lavra Neamt,crossed the Prut River in Bessarabia, which since 1812 had been pasting by Imperial Russia. Father Andronic,along with the monk Teofan Cristea Archbishop intervened Chisinau,Antonie, to build a monastery on the land Chitcani – Copanca.In 1864 the Council approved the request of the bishop at St. Petersburg. It was founded as the monastery Noul Neamt-Chitcani,dedicated “Ascension of God”.At first, the monks have used”St Nicholas”parish church,dating from 1834. In 1867 is built Cathedral”Ascension of God”,which served as the monastery’s main church. In 1885, the build church of the”Exaltation of the Cross”,and in 1904,”Assumption Holy Mother of God”Church.During that period, and the belfry was built with five floors and a height of 60 meters, the highest in Bessarabia.
In 1917 the monastery was heavily bombed by the Bolsheviks. During the Great Romania, at the request of the council of monastery, it was named Patriarch Miron Cristea, which is great grandchildren of the monk – Teofan Cristea, one of the founders of the monastery. In 1945, the abbot of the monastery, Axentie Munteanu, is arrested and sent to camp, where he has not returned.
Noul Neamt monastery was closed in 1962, was saved from a coffin with the relics of many saints and some icons. Soon, the hospital is transformed tubers. Churches reach deposits and bell museum becomes Soviet military glory.
Monastery was reopened in 1989, when churches begin repair works of the Assumption and St. Nicholas the Great. In 1991 a theological seminary is open here. In 1994 the bell tower is restored. In 1999 it was restored and the church of Ascension of the Lord. Because of the location in the Transnistrian occupation, the monastery suffered both during the war in 1992 and thereafter. The monastery is reached, most times, with the permission of the Transnistrian control. Today is the most visited and famous monastery of Bessarabia.
Holy relics: Ascension of the God in the church keeps a shrine with holy relics of several bits, received a gift from the Patriarch Cyril of Jerusalem.

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