Monastery of Frumoasa

In autumn 1804, the monastery is the place where today there were three monks : Seraphim, Ioanichie and Macarius, who came from Neamt monastery. Glade called “Frumusica “(hence the old name of the monastery), where they place to live first monks, who then became a monk in this monastery and was known monk Eftimie, and the first founder of monasteries.
The first document of the monastery dating from 10 June 1807, when Efrem works with brothers George and Anthony Sapoteanu donated the land of monastery.
Between 1807-1808, is built by master Ignat Bravicea first church in the village of oak with Assumption of the Mother of God.
The times remain an icon of St. Nicholas in the rood screen behind which it was writtenthat the old church was consecrated on 14 August 1810.
This church existed until 1850, when he destroyed. At first hermitage Frumusica was led by monk Seraphim, one of the three founders, a disciple of St. PaisieVeliciovschi.
The most prosperous period in the history of the monastery is is related to the name Archimandrite Venedict , who was abbot between 1818-1850 .
During his Monastery became the center of religious culture and spiritual education.
In 1840 near the old church, a bell tower is built of oak. In 1847 the church began construction of new church stone in place of wood, which sanctifies on 8 October 1950.
This worthy abbot died in the summer of 1850.He was blagocin the monastery for 22 years.
On May 31, 1946 the Soviet authorities canceled beautiful monastery, organized in bui ding an orphanage for street children.
Nun were forced to go to the monastery Hirova.In closing period, the monastery houses several institutions: Boarding school for deaf-mute children (1965-1973), girls colony(1973-1986) and Boarding School for children crazy (1986 -1994). In 1954 the church dome and bell tower are demolished .La September 20, 1994, with the blessing of Vladimir, Metropolitan of Chisinau and Moldova, the monastery was reopened.
In the 200 years of existence (1804-2004), Frumoasa monastery, was led by 25 eldersand four abbot and suffered 48 years of devastation.

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