Monastery of Capriana

After the annexation of R.Moldova by the Russian Empire (1812), passed in 1813 Capriana monastery under the authority of the newly founded Archdiocese of R.Moldova, was headed by Bishop Gabriel Banulescu-Bodoni (1746-1821). It has undertaken important work of restoring the stone church dedicated to “Dormition Mother of God ” In 1840 a second was built churches of the monastery, dedicated to St. George, and in 1903 a third church, “Winter”, dedicated to St. Nicholas.
During Soviet times, capriana, like all places of worship of the Moldavian SSR, was affected, her property being owned by state, because in 1962 it should be closed and torn. Since 1949, Soviet authorities tried to close the monastery because it was written as a contemporary document that create obstacles to the monastery in the village Capriana collectivization. At most there Capriana monastic library of Bessarabia(today R.Moldova). Despite the declaration of the monastery as “an architectural monument protected by state, disappeared library books, bells and many objects of worship. The cells opened a tuberculosis sanatorium for children in the church of “St. Nicholas” village club was organized and the church “St. George” has been transformed into storage.
It was not until 1989, when the Romanian national awakening of Moldova in the context of a more liberal policy promoted by Mikhail Gorbachev, the monastery reopened.
Between the years 2003 – 2005, to capriana occurred much restoration money from the state budget but also from numerous private donors ..

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