Monastery Condrita

Monastery from Condrita is displayed at a distance of 25 km from Chisinau. Nobody knows for sure when and by whom the monastery was founded. It is believed that in 1783 a hieromonk, Iosif, along with several monks from Capriana would be the first founders of the hermitage Condrita.
Do not know too many details about the founders of the monastery, detailed data are not, all acts and condicile More significant is kept to capriana and Bulgarians have been taken by the abbey and taken to Mount Athos
On 1 September 1918, hermitage Condrita was separated from the monastery Capriana, and takes its name from the monastery. First-abbot was the hieromonk Daniil Grozavu. After hieromonk Daniel, the monastery abbots was Paisie, until 1930.
In 1946 a part of the monastery buildings were already occupied by the local forestry school.Over a year, in 1947, the monastery was closed and the monks, with their last abbot, were transferred to Capriana monastery and Suruceni.
After 1960 the monastic complex was turned into a rest camp, which ran until 1993. Monastery Condrita was restored in 1993.

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