Monastery “Assumption Holy Mother of God”, Hirbovat

Hirbovat monastery is situated at about 10km of Calarasi city. The monastery was founded in 1730 by Constantin Carpuz landlord. But after idee some historians, the monastery was founded in the eighteenth century by some monks fleeing from the monastery come Bersan (Podolia), and her name came from one of the first monks – Ioanichie.
Until 1812, the monastery was burned three times by the turkish and tatars, so that the archive of the monastery was destroyed. In the monastery there is a stone church dedicated to the “Assumption Holy Mother of God” , built by the Stefan Lupu (later monk Serapion). The other church is dedicated to Holy Spirit ,and is built in 1870, during the abbots Natanail . Here is preserved the famous miracle working icon Holy Mother of God “Harbovat”,donated in 1790 by Russian Colonel Nicholas Albaduev wife, killed by a horse on the monastery gate.
By the 60’s of sec. XX Harbovatul is one of the last monasteries worked. Here is the escape Capriana monks from other monasteries and Tiganesti.
In 1962, the KGB they “seized” the keys to the monastery. The next day they arrived police , supported by army tanks to prevent a possible uprising, like that of the monastery Raciula. The soldiers destroyed the church basement of the “Holy Spirit”, where clergymen were buried. It was destroyed altar and iconostasis. The six church bells were lowered and carried from the monastery. Icons, books and archives were burned.
Immediately after dissolution, the monastery has been transformed into a school for children with disabilities. Church School became the club and its basement storage. Later this church has become a animal manure .During 1988-1989 school administration began to restore the monastery.
The school functioned until the spring of 1992 when, at the request of the faithfuls from neighboring villages, the school was reopened after evacuation of the monastery monastic complex was Hirbovat disastrous state. Only “Assumption Holy Mother of God”church look better after a repair of the years 1990-1991.
The first abbot, which governs so far this monastery, the abbot of Serafim. In 1992, after. planning a small repair, winter church was consecrated “Assumption Holy Mother of God”
In autumn 1993 summer church of the “Holy Spirit “was repaired and blessed.

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