Monastery ”Saint Nicholas”Dobruja

Dobrusa monastery is situated at a distance of 20 km from Soldanesti town. It sits between the hill surrounded by forests and orchards.
Most likely, the monastery was founded in 1772 by a monk Ioasaf from the monastery came Probota,Suceava. It has a wooden church built here, along with another monk Eufimie of the monastery Curchi. But, as recalled in Moldova, the church was finished only in 1785 did by Eufimie, together with other monks from Curchi.
In 1847 the winter church was built the “Change the face of the Mother of God”. In 1890 the monastery Dobrusa, include 89 monks and brothers, all Moldovans outside of Porfirie abbot, who was russian. Until 1863, officiated liturgy in Romanian language, but then was required to officiate in Slavonic. Monastery library contained many books in romanian languages printed in the XVII and XVIII centuries.
In the early twentieth century has made listening to this monastery monk Turcanu Inochentie (Ion Turcan of Cosauti, Soroca), which laid the foundation movement inochentiste,commemoration , which persists today.
After 1918 some of the wealth of the monastery was property ,Dobrusa still remains one of the richest monasteries.
From 1918 until 1921monastery was led of the , Archimandrite Paisie,and followed after him Achepsim Moraru, who abbey until 1925.
In 1923 theDobrusa monastery since the diocese Chisinau in the Hotin. Along with this, the church of “St. Nicholas”.a winter Church “Change the face of the Mother of God”and hermitage were completely restored.
In 1944 the monks were forced to evacuate along with Abbot Roibu the hermitage on the hill, as the monastic complex was temporarily occupied by the Russian Army Corps 7.
In 1960, Dobrusa was transformed in a school for children with disabilities. The winter church was turned into a club and the summer began in the cafe, and warehouse.
Auxiliary school functioned until 1994, when the faithful in the villageshave requested reopening monastery.
The monastery was reactivated by a Metropolitan decree on 28 October 1994.

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