Monastery “Ascension of God”Japca.

Japca Monastery, situated at a distance of 10 km from the town Kamenka on the Nistru river, is the only monastery in Basarabia (R.Moldova), which was not closed by Soviet authorities.
This monastery has a beauty of the horizon location due to tourists. The rocks above the monastery, but especially the old hermitage, bank windings which can be seen from far away, the gardens that surround the monastery is the special beauty.
Japca dating from the seventeenth century. Most documents called Japca estate and Hermitage, and some Jabca, or even Sabca.
The first mention of the monastery are known from May 25.
,A. Zasciuc talks about the foundation of the hermitage Iezechiil monk, who came from Lemberg in sec. XVII. According to other records, this monk came to the monastery in Moldova Deleni. He lived in the woods on the hill, where in stone church dedicated to Divine Ascension Holy Cross and some cells.
Between the years 1810-1818 was led by hermitage Calist monk. In 1818 received the status of monastery.
During World War, many nuns fled from Poland near the Lesna monastery. Holm. Following the decision of the Holy Synod in St. Petersburg for, 20 April 1916, Archbishop Atanasie of Bessarabia ordered settlement of the refugee nuns of Lesna in Japca monastery, monks ass move at the monastery Hârjăuca.
In 1940 the nuns were expelled from the monastery, the authorities city Japca, with the Soviets confiscated all the wealth holy tabernacle, but in 1941, with the coming of the Roman Army, the nuns were returned to the monastery and got back all the goods .
Summer church, built in 1915, has three altars, all located in the east: in the center – dedicated” Ascension of God” to the right -“Changing the Face” left – “Holy Cross”.

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