Monastery ’’Assumption Holy Mother of God’’. The Cultural Landscape Orheiul Vechi

Monastery ’’Assumption Holy Mother of God’’
The Cultural Landscape Orheiul Vechi

Old Orhei site The most spectacular of Bessarabia(R.Moldova) monastic complex is located on rocky shores Raut.
Initially there were six caves, which still today are two places in the monastic community, dating from around the tenth century: the monastery Bosie and Butuceni There are many similarities to the roks monastery from Basarabia(R.Moldova).
It seems that around 1600, near the caves there is a medieval town, disbanded by ruler Moldovan, Stefan Tomsa, thanks to the many marauding invaders from the East.
Ensemble Butuceni cave, located a few hundred meters from the monastery of Bosie, near the village Butuceni composed a church and 11 small cells. Butuceni monastery was abandoned in 1816, reaching the rock church to serve the villagers to be used as a church. Due to the transformations made by them, it’s hard to say what it looked original church. In 1821, on the hill above the cave entrance was built in a church bell, which is visible today.
Bosie’s Monastery is the only monastery in Bessarabia where inscriptions have been preserved unaltered. It seems it was built in 1675, as says the inscription: This monastery was a Bosie, the year 7173 ( 1675). Some experts believe that they would only be restored Bosie all oldest monastery, located somewhere near and degraded because of the fragile limestone rocks. The monastery consists of eight caves which corresponds, in part, between them. Rock church has about 6 meters long and 4.5 meters wide. Among nuns who were forced here, the inscriptions on the rocks mentions Teofili the Varlaam and Poenachie from Cotelnici.
In 1915, the highest point of a limestones hill to build a church dedicated to the” Assumption Holy Mother of God”. In Soviet times, the church was transformed into a museum, the entire complex of caves has become open-air museum, enjoying state protection.
In 1996, despite opposition from museum workers, the church of the” Assumption Holy Mother of God”, with caves, are passed under the newly established monastery. After two years in the church began to officiate the Divine Liturgy and other services, as typical. The cells were held in the church building, which belonged to the museum.

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