Monastery”Assumption Holy Mother of God”, Cuselauca

Monastery”Assumption Holy Mother of God”, Cuselauca.
Cuselauca Monastery was founded in 1786 in Cotiujeni villagi of Maria Tocanos, a nun with the name Mitrodora. In 1841, instead of first-churches wooden at XVIII century, was built summer church dedicated to the “Assumption Holy Mother of God”.
But in 1960, the communists put locks on the two churches. The abbots of the monastery was a hospital and shelter for those suffering from lung disease. Summer Church “Assumption Holy of Mother of God”” is transformed in the club and then gets coal deposit, and in the winter church “Saint Constantine and Elena” from 1968 until 1970 local agriculture open a poultry farm.
After 29 years, the monastery Cuselauca again work begins . First, the nuns gathered money to repair the church for the summer

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