Milestii Mici

The quality wines Industrial Complex “MILESTII MICI” tours, wine “MILESTII MICI” is a tourist attraction of national importance.
MILESTII MICI- gate fame largest underground wine city’s largest collection of wines, representing the pride and national.
Underground town was created in the ’70s in limestone mining galleries.
Picturesque environment and architecture specific moves you into another world parkas, the tales.
Visitors will descend to a depth of 50-80 m and discover with great surprise that the city is 200 km length, the largest in the world in this regard, a fact confirmed by the Guinnes book of records on 29 August 2005, of which 50 km are arranged and where they keep most impressive collection of wines from different age.
Here is preserved a collection of over 6.5 million barrels of wine quality.
“Golden Collection Milestii Mici “is the pride not only of this combined, but the entire country, it is made up of 2 million bottles of white wine, red fruit picked from the best years, kept in optimal conditions: 3 years oak casks, then bottled in appropriate relative humidity conditions, at temperatures 12-14 degrees C at a depth of 70 m.
Collectible wines of different years of harvest, beginning with the 1969 “Pino”, “Traminer”, “Muscat”, “Riesling “, “Feteasca”, “Transnistria”, “Milesti”, “Woods”, “Cabernet”, “Rose Moldova “,” Gold “,” Cagor-Ciumai are manufactured in strictest accordance with the old Moldavian traditions in which the drop feels sun and earth.

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