Industrial complex wine“PURCARI”

Here you can discover the mystery of the cellars where the French oak barrels are chosen wines by variety, “Purcari Red” and “Black Purcari “.It is here that the wines reached maturity, nobility and bouquet for then won the hearts of people through their fine taste, to triumph in the most prestigious international competitions.
Mansion’s galleries feature an outstanding collection of wines Purcari, which include specimens that date back to 1948. These Galleries will reveal wines carefully arranged, covered by gray dust.
EXCURSION – tour of the “Chateau Purcari”, which includes:
Industrial – processing section grapes, wine storage section, the bottling
Historical – visit wine cellars, where aging takes place in barrels, aging wine bottles;
Purcari wine collection, the tourist complex wine cellar, tasting room, hotel, specialized shop.
Wine tasting
takes place in one of the two tasting rooms of the tourist complex “Purcari” and includes Premium quality wines. Also is offered: crackers, nuts, water.

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