Excursion to the cellars from Cricova

Wines Cricova is famous because of the exceptional collection of wines, which have combined tradition, quality, modern technology and underground labyrinths, once formed galleries limestone extraction.
Winery was founded in 1952 and is based on specific conditions and unique wine preservation.This underground gallery covers a length of 60 km,70 km depth, where the air temperature is constant throughout the year.
Sparkling wines are produced here by the classic French method, invented by the monk Dom Pierre Perignon- secondary fermentation and maturation in the bottle cuvee lying at least three years.
Winery is a unique underground complex in its own way with an impressive production.His contribution was recognized in the country’s economic development and branches in wine country, as confirmed by Order of the Republic.
Caves shelter to host a wine collection “Oenotec” – these are wines with history, personality, wines that could tell about generationsThis unique wine is kept in the thesaurs so that part of the enterprise, as well as from the national.
The collection has its origins in late 1967, then numbering 465 brands of wines, brandies, liqueurs – these representing national awards, as well as abroad.
Later the idea was conceived to create a tasting rooms, and then selecting the best wines, bottling and sending them to different fairs, international exhibitions.
At present, this collection is made up of 1.5 million bottles, which dont have a monetary equivalent.Galleries width varies from 6 to 7.5 m and height is 3 – 3.5 m depth, where cellars are located, depending on the terrain varies from 35 meters to input up to 60-80 m. Cellars in full, together with production departments, occupy about 53 acres of underground space.
Uniqueness is determined basements and underground tasting rooms available, forming an integral complex. These include: “Conference Room”, “Big House”, “.Seabed “.

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